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“While I was creating this album, I wanted to highlight that relationships aren’t all equal. Sometimes the hardest part of being on the pillow is looking at the person next to you. The album itself is telling the man’s side of the story and the relationship that represents the love, the grief, the sadness, and the anger. That’s what this album circumferences, the side that you don’t always hear.”

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Solo is an independent veteran of the music industry as he has been apart of the culture, scene, and industry for over 21 years. He has also shown progression as an overall artist and businessman since the early days when he dropped "Rekindled" in 2001 under the moniker "Solo Forever". Since making the transition from Solo Forever to Solo King, he has matured as an artist and honed in on his skills as a lyricist, vocalist, producer, rapper, visionary and more.

The Solo King's latest single Innocent” was released on Aug. 27 and was lifted from his forthcoming full-length album Diary of A Mad Black Man: Devotion To Venom. Currently, The Solo King has his next single “Vitamin D” slated to drop ahead of the album release on Friday, Oct. 29.  


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The Solo King reveals how he made the transition from Solo Forever to The Solo King, and how he has grown as an artist and a man.

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Solomon Bass V, or more professionally known as The Solo King, is a fast-rising hip-hop and rap star from Milwaukee, WI. The emerging musician creates his beats and lyrics based on his passion for his craft and the many musical influences he had while growing up.

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In his debut Maxed Hip Hop article, The Solo King reveals what fans can expect in his premiere full-length album Diary Of A Mad Black Man: Devotion To Venom.